Create More Space in Your Home with Self Storage

Need extra room in your home but don’t want to go through time-consuming and costly renovations? Self storage is the perfect option! Music’s U-Drop U Lock Storage offers an accessible, affordable solution that gives you peace of mind knowing all items are kept secure. Read our blog post to find out how self storage can create more space in your home without any major hassle or expense.

Tips for Creating Space Around Your Home 

A few hours of home organization each week can do wonders for your physical and mental wellbeing. Take control of the messiness by going through every room, leaving you feeling motivated, inspired, and more in command of your environment.

Get Rid of Out-of-Season Clothing 

Reclaim your home with self-storage and make way for the items you actually use. Out of season clothing, shoes, accessories – anything that’s cluttering up your closet space or taking over any other corner can be moved into secure storage to create a more spacious living environment. Any clothing items that aren’t being worn in the current season should be placed into storage. As the seasons change, you can swap out items and you will no longer need to worry about all of your clothes fitting into your closet. 

Keep Seasonal Decorations in Storage

Streamline your living space and reduce clutter with the help of self storage. Start stashing away seasonal decorations until they are needed. Doing this will make decorating quick & easy when special occasions arise, plus give you extra room to enjoy throughout the year – no more holiday décor in sight all 12 months long. By storing Christmas items during summertime and Fourth of July pieces in winter, valuable home storage can be freed up for other activities or projects that need a place to call their own. Self-storage is a simple way to open up some breathing room at home.

Use Storage for Extra Furniture

Conquer your clutter and create more living space with a self storage unit. Storing furniture in such an environment can be the perfect way to reclaim additional floor or garage area. With secure units, protect beloved family heirlooms along with larger pieces for special occasions – from beds to dressers and chairs- that normally take up precious square footage. Self storage ensures these items are kept safe until needed again without sacrificing comfort at home. 

Music’s U-Drop U-Lock Storage in Annville, PA 

Visit Music’s U-Drop U-Lock Storage in Annville, PA for all of your storage needs. Our facility offers self storage ranging in size. We offer storage units with drive-up access along with outdoor parking for large vehicles such as RV’s and boats. Keeping your belongings safe is our priority. Our facility has monitored gates, personalized keypad access, and staff on-site to ensure that your items are secure. Renting the right unit size can seem overwhelming but our storage calculator can assist with that. Check out our storage tips to learn the best practices for packing items in storage. Don’t miss out on our great deals and rent with Music’s U-Drop U-Lock Storage today! 


Josh Byrd