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Extra Gear: Tips For Selling Online

What do you need to know when selling items online? While spring cleaning you may notice a few belongings you are not using on a regular basis. You can store with us or start selling online. Music’s U-Drop U-Lock Storage has RV storage and drive up storage units in Annville PA so while you sell your extra gear, store it with us, and clean up faster.

Our outdoor parking spaces can be the solution you need to store your spare car while you sell it or a storage unit to help your business find a place for documents and merchandise. While you start to sell extra items online, use self storage to keep things organized.

Selling Online Annville PA

Selling Online: What You Need To Know

  1. Take measurements of furniture and include them in your description.
  2. Most of the selling sites ask for reviews from buyers and if your business is branching out, keep your online interactions professional.
  3. Make room for negotiations by starting the price higher.
  4. Set a time limit and entice customers to make their purchase while supplies last.
  5. Take a picture of tags for name brand items. The tongue of shoes and tags inside purses will show your gear is authentic.

Selling Websites and Apps

Selling websites have multiple categories so you can list your products in which ever section you think is most fitting. List on all of them or list on just one, you can find the right buyer for your products.

  1. Let Go
  2. Facebook Marketplace
  3. Etsy
  4. Offer Up
  5. Ebay

Start your spring with an organized home and business with Music’s U-Drop U-Lock Storage. You can start renting available storage space now online or give us a call.

While we get closer to May, if you are a college student looking for storage, let us know. We have month to month leasing for your short term storage needs.