Organize it with our Sorter

Is your New Year resolution to get the house more organized? Organize it with our sorter. Sorting through your belongings is the first step to a clutter free space! We have taken the complications out of sorting. It may seem like a lot to organize but with our simple flow chart you can have it all organized in jiffy.

Making those hard decision is easy if you divide and conquer. Make designated spots for trash, donations and storing. If you come across items that are broken or damaged it is the time to throw them out. Due to each communities rules and regulations be aware of any specifics details when disposing certain materials. When you come across that sweater that you haven’t worn in a couple years or the set of tools you no longer use remember to donate. Make someone’s day and give them to your neighbor or a local thrift store. As long as they are working someone can use them.

The hardest part to organizing is deciding what to keep. After you have properly disposed of broken objects and donated some treasures for someone else you need a plan for the objects left. Since those family heirlooms and that summer equipment are important keep them in pristine condition in storage. Music U-Drop U-Lock Self Storage has the best units to keep your treasures until the next spring cleaning. Follow the chart below and this organization process will be a breeze!

This image will help you to decide whether to toss, donate, or store your belongings, it’s that easy! Happy 2015!

 music-udrop-ulock-the-sorter-infographic-01 Organize