Packing tips to prepare for successful storage

Not sure how to prepare for seasonal storage? Find the successful storage packing tips with Music’s U-Drop U-Lock Storage. Our mission is to help you find space for the winter snow blower and room to pack your bulky winter coats away. Saving space around the house is possible with the right storage unit and we are helping you with our step by step instructions.

Making some improvements for this year’s spring cleaning? We have you covered! A short term storage option is just the thing you need to keep on track with freshening up the house.

Annville PA storage packing tips

  • If a piece of furniture can become smaller, make that happen. Deconstruct bed frames and shelves for easier storing.
  • Add markers and fragile labels to your shopping list. These will come in handy when you are packing fine china.
  • Foam peanuts or bubble wrap are helpful if you have keepsakes that need protection.
  • Hanging clothes on a rack rather then folding them in a box will keep them in excellent condition and crease free.
  • Before you move your belongings into your unit, put pallets down or a thick plastic cover. This will keep moisture from spreading into the bottom of your boxes.
  • Make a plan for what goes in the unit first. Remember what goes in first may not be as readily available.
  • An isle is not a bad idea if you need to get to the supplies in the back row. Make sure all your labels are facing outward so you can search without any problems.
  • Make sure whoever is helping you move knows specific times and places to be well in advance of moving day.
  • Pay special attention to fabric, wood, and leather pieces of furniture. A protective coating keeps these pieces looking like the first day they went into storage.