Prep for Storage with Our Storage Supplies

Are your items ready to be packed away into storage? Probably not, but do not worry. Follow these tips to get started, and Music’s U-Drop U-Lock Storage can guide you through the rest of the process. Find affordable storage units and storage supplies in Annville PA here at Music’s U-Drop U-Lock Storage!

1. Start Collecting Your Boxes and Storage Supplies

The best way to pack is over a long period of time, but that means you will need to gather a bunch of boxes sooner rather than later. When searching for boxes, avoid grocery stores and like places. Because those boxes carried food, they will smell like food and attract pests. 

If you decide to buy brand new boxes, purchasing them and other storage supplies from our Annville PA office. When you buy storage supplies from Music’s U-Drop U-Lock Storage in October, you are contributing to a donation to Susan G. Komen for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So if you are in the vicinity of our office, drop in for boxes, bubble wrap, and more.

2. Book Necessary Services Immediately 

Moving your belongings (even just from your house to the storage facility) usually takes a whole team of help. Once you know the kind of storage you need and when you need to store, you should start reserving that storage, as well as the other services you plan on using, right away. You can reserve our storage units up to two weeks in advance without any obligations. Just call our office to complete the payment before your move-in date.

The Best Storage Units and Storage Supplies in Annville PA

Music’s U-Drop U-Lock Storage offers storage units that you can drive your moving vehicle right up to for easy loading and unloading. We also have outdoor parking options large enough to safely store your RV. Find the right storage solution for you with our contactless storage rentals!

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