Keep Your Clothing Protected in Storage

Hesitant about putting your clothing in storage? It doesn’t have to be scary! We have these simple solutions to keep your clothing protected below.
clothing storage

Cleaning out your closet, whether for season changes or moving, doesn’t mean you to have get rid of your clothing. Storage can be an extension of your closet. Here are some tips for protecting your clothing in storage.

1. Wash or dry clean all clothing and jackets before storing. Dirt, oils, perfumes or stains on unclean clothing will attract many insects, especially in high temperatures.
2. Do not hang knit items. They can be misshaped and stretched beyond repair. Store knit items by folding them.
3. If storing socks, do not keep them rolled. As a result they will lose the elasticity. Instead, store them by the laying them flat then folding them in half.
4. Keep clothes organized for easier transition. Rather than labeling your box “clothes”  label your containers by type of clothes or by season. This makes it easier to move your clothes quickly.
5. Wardrobe boxes make storing clothes on hangers easy. Some clothes are better stored on hangers and these boxes make it efficient to store, while protecting your belongings.

We have storage professionals ready to help you with any storing challenge. Don’t let the packing stress get you down. Contact us today!