Self Storage Tips You Need to Know for Fall

It feels like we just swapped our winter gear for summer but it is that time of year again. Businesses find themselves planning to close the patio seating and homeowners are looking to create a little extra space around the house. Music’s U-Drop U-Lock Storage can help! Self storage tips to guide you through fall storage will get your ready before arriving at the storage unit.

As you enjoy the last days of summer, plan ahead with our Annville PA storage units.

self storage tips Annville PA

  • Planning for RV parking or vehicle storage? Before using our outdoor parking spaces, clean inside and out of your vehicle.
  • Stabilizers are helpful for storing the RV, but when storing gas powered appliances, like lawn mowers and weed wackers, drain the tanks. These flammable liquids are better left out of your storage unit.
  • After the beach trip, clean towels and blankets before putting them in storage. Buckets and coolers should be sprayed down to remove any sand you brought home with you.
  • The goal is to keep your storage unit clean and organized, find moving supplies in our office to help with this. Everything from dust covers, to labels for boxes, we are stocked to assist you during your move.
  • Grilling season is drawing to an end, store the grill and utensils with it in the storage unit. Clean leftover food and bleed the propane line before putting it away for winter.
  • Self storage is also helpful for businesses this time of year. As small retailers get ready for the holidays, and big businesses wrap up a fiscal year, storage can be the solution to open space at the office.
  • Place a few moisture absorbing products in the corners of your storage unit to prevent any condensation from growing mold or mildew.

Our Annville self storage units help businesses, homeowners, and apartment renters prepare for cooler weather. Not sure what storage unit you need? Talk with a professional today about our self storage tips and storage options at Music’s U-Drop U-Lock Storage.