Small Pantry Organization Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Clear of Clutter

Are you stuck with a small pantry space and trying to find an organization system to keep it all straight? If you are constantly feeling cluttered by all the items in your pantry, there are some creative solutions to make the most of your current space and maybe make some more storage space in the process. Music’s U-Drop U-Lock Storage is here to support you through home projects, big moves, business changes, and everything in between. Check out these tips for getting your pantry space organized, and see how else we can help you!

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5 Small Pantry Organization Tips

Organize Your Space with Zones

It is easier to find a specific item when you at least know the general area you need to go. If you store pantry items grouped with similar items, you have a more efficient long-term kitchen storage system. Use these categories to create zones for your pantry items:

  • Beverages
  • Bottles
  • Bread & Rolls
  • Breakfast Food
  • Cans
  • Pasta/Grains
  • Snacks
  • Spices

Keep Food Containers Contained

We all know the cliché of opening your cabinet to half a dozen food containers tumbling out. Your collection might be mismatched and oddly shaped, but we have some advice for keeping it together. Stack the bottoms into their like shapes (circle containers in circles, rectangles in rectangles, etc.) as best you can. Then keep all the lids together, stored vertically to show off their size and shape.

Stack When You Have the Opportunity

Cans can reliably stack on one another long-term without any issues. If your pantry cabinet space is filling up quickly, start stacking to make the most of that space. Boxes are usually another safe bet—just store your heaviest on the bottom.

Scout Out Open Spaces

When dealing with limited kitchen space, creativity is key in identifying storage opportunities. Utilizing open wall space is a prime example; installing shelves or hanging racks can transform an empty wall into a functional storage area for dishes, spices, or cooking utensils. Magnetic strips for knives or spice containers can free up valuable counter and drawer space. Consider using the insides of cabinet doors for hanging storage or adding hooks under cabinets to hang mugs and tools. Even the space above cabinets can be utilized for less frequently used items or decorative storage baskets. By thinking outside the traditional storage box, you can significantly enhance the functionality and organization of a small kitchen.

Try a Pull-Out Pantry

If your small kitchen is lacking storage space, a pull-out pantry can be a lifesaver. These pantries are designed to fit in small spaces, and they provide plenty of room for storing dry goods, small appliances, and other items. In addition, pull-out pantries make it easy to find what you need, since everything is stored in one central location. With just a few simple shelves, a pull-out pantry can help you organize your small kitchen and make the most of your limited space.

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