Storage Auctions: What You Need to Know

Have you always wanted to attend a storage auction, but not sure what you needed to bring or how to find one? Maybe you weren’t sure of how storage auctions run.  We have developed the top three things you need to know before going to a storage auction!

Auctions of storage units occur after fulfilling the State lien law procedure of someone who has not made payment on their unit.  Storage auctions are not our favorite side of the business, but they are part of it. Below are some quick pointers to remember to keep in mind about storage auctions.

1. Storage tenants are allowed to pay on their unit until the auction begins, so there is a chance a unit scheduled for auction will not actually be sold.

2.  A government issues photo ID is required for you to purchase a unit.

3. If you are tax exempt, remember to bring your tax ID number.


Need help finding a storage auction in your area? Visit:

You can search for auctions near you and get all of the info you need to get you there and bidding on time.

We will have out auction page up and running shortly. Check back soon for our auction list.