Storage Tips: How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths

Learning how to get rid of clothes moths is an essential if you plan to store long-term. These pests are common, but they are still threatening to your belongings. As soon as you see evidence of clothes moth damage in your home storage space or storage unit, there are steps you can take to eradicate the problem. Follow Music’s U-Drop U-Lock Storage’s tips below!

how to get rid of clothes moths

How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths at Home & in Storage

Identify the Pests

How can you know for sure you are dealing with clothes moths and not another pest? You will see two big indicators on your stored clothing: holes and webbing. The baby cloths moths are the ones doing the damage. They thrive in dark, humid spaces—which is why storage spaces that stay static can see clothes moth damage. They are also particularly interested in materials like cashmere, fur, wool, and other animal fabrics.

If you see a moth flying around your home, you do not have to panic just yet. Most adult moths that make their way into your home are after your plants, not your closet. The harmful ones are yellow or gray—about 1 centimeter long—called the casemaking clothes moth and the webbing clothes moth.

Clean Your Storage Space

Right after you find evidence of clothes moths, you should come up with a cleaning plan. Sift through the effected clothing pieces to determine which are able to be recovered. Discard the items that cannot be saved, and wash the rest with warm water (or get them dry cleaned as washing directions specify).

Once your clothes are handled, clean your storage space. Carpeting should be thoroughly vacuumed with the vacuum bag immediately thrown out afterward. You can also shampoo or steam clean the carpet for additional measures to kill any remaining pests.

Prevent Future Clothes Moths with These Helpful Tips

So what can you do to keep this from happening again in the future? First, try to avoid creating their ideal conditions as much as possible. If you have the means, visit your storage unit semi-frequently to open the door, shuffle items around, and create some air flow. Allow some light to come in and humidity to clear out. Next, as you are packing up your clothing, store them in sealed storage containers or bags. Garment bags can also be used, but you may want to tape up seams and other places that that might produce holes over time.

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