Storing College Gear With Our Storage Rental

Summer is right around the corner, are you ready? As you plan for the culminating exams and final projects, stress less about packing your dorm room with our storage rental. Summer storage makes this short term transition back home a little easier. If you are not staying on campus this summer, find the right place to store your gear while you enjoy a small vacation. At Music’s U-Drop U-Lock Storage your belongings are secure behind our fully gated facility and convenient to access with long access hours. With security features like these you can head to the beach or just relax, because we have you covered.

Between juggling your classes, and extra curricular activities your schedule is full. Finding storage may not be top on your list but we can help. You can find all the storage solutions on our website. The blog will guide you through how to store appliances, clothes, and anything else you have concerns about. The calculator makes the math of it all easy; simply plug in what you need to store and use the number on the side to rent the ideal unit.

Use these pointers below to start storing your dorm room for summer break with our storage rental.