Utilize our storage rentals when staging your home

Staging on a budget does not have to cause more stress while moving. With Music’s U-Drop U-Lock Storage the options are endless. Our tips will get your home ready for the show and our storage rentals will help you pack ahead of time. Find quick and easy solutions to sprucing your space below.

Annville PA storage rental


Start with the main rooms, your foyer, kitchen, and bathroom. The first impression is most important so move items you do not use often to storage. If the space is large enough have a bench or simple table with a vase of flowers as a focal point. Some would consider the kitchen and bathroom the most important rooms to focus on, making these buyer approved is simple. Coordination is number one! Everything from towels to curtains should match. Space is most valuable in a kitchen, so show off the counter space by packing appliances away. Be mindful of what you store in the bathroom cabinets; keep cleaning supplies organized.


If snowy weather comes right before the opening get your shovels and salt ready. Placing a new mat inside the door is a nice touch for guests to wipe their feet before walking through the house. Move broken branches after a big storm. When the weather starts to warm up the garden is a great place to add color.

Last minute staging

It is finally the day you have been planning for, the open house is upon us. What are the last minute things to do before guests arrive? Make sure all your lights are working and everything is in its place. Air fresheners go the extra mile to keep a constant fresh smelling atmosphere.

Let us help you store when the seasons change, or protect your gear when it is time to move. Storage rentals at Music’s U-Drop U-Lock Storage have many possibilities.