Organization Matters

After the holidays are over you may be thinking you need to get organized! We have the skills and tools to help you get your house back in tip top shape. Use our helpful tips below to tackle any organization issue. Here at Music’s U-Drop U-Lock we know organization matters to you and we want to help!

Organization Matters

Living Room:

  • A coat rack, key bin, and mail organizer will keep clutter to a minimum as soon as you walk in the door.
  • After flipping through magazines take them directly to the recycling bin. No reason to keep old magazines.
  • Keep things clean. Run a dust rag once a week or vacuum those odd areas every now and then. Tackling one task a week will help keep your living room in tip top shape.
  • Don’t overload an area with a lot of décor. Reserve two thirds of your shelves to book, cds and DVD’s and the rest decorate with pictures.


  • Your clothes can take over your room very fast. So, give yourself time to put away laundry when it’s done, that way it doesn’t pile up.
  • Make piles for items you are trashing or donating. Part with items you haven’t used in years.
  • Make room in your dresser or closet to keep folded sweaters. This will help them keep their shape and keep them out of the trash pile the next time you organize.
  • If your drawers are a problem area, focus on drawer organizers, but make sure to measure before committing to your favorite divider.


  • Get a hanging organizer and put it on the back of the pantry door for extra storage.
  • An over-the-cabinet basket keeps everything in its place under the sink. This is good spot for sandwich bags, foil, plastic wraps, etc.
  • Low on counter space? Keep an over-the-sink cutting board to help extend your counter.
  • Add hooks to the bare side of cabinets to create a good hanging spot for utensils and potholders.


  • Go through your files at least once a month to cycle out old bills and junk files that are slowing you down.
  • Use a drawer divider to keep notepads and other office supplies readily available.
  • Bulletin boards are great for reminders and bills that need paid.
  • At the end of everyday clean up your space. Put items back in their homes and start the next day refreshed and ready to go!

Let us take the hassle out of organizing your home. Stop in to talk with us about storage ideas and gather supplies to get your started.